Japanese Car Company in USA?

It may sound a little odd, but using our experience and knowledge of the export market from Japan has made it a simple process to be able to do the same from the United States.

Over many years we have been building up relationships with trusted dealerships and suppliers, creating this great opportunity to extend our export service.

Used American Cars

Exporting Cars from USA

We can get you stunning and affordable vehicles from the USA, right from classics to other models not yet available world wide, R-International can get to them first.

Similar to our cars from Japan, we have excellent supply channels in America who can get you the cars you need.

New Cars

The U.S has models not released anywhere else in the world, there are also cases where the American spec is higher and more luxurious. They also get new models from many makers before going worldwide.

We can get new cars from the USA affordably, please contact us for more details.

Latest model Lexus Rare cars from USA

Used Cars

Right from old american classics, to other vehicles that the USA are available in plenty there is so many wonderful cars in the USA which we can ship for you worldwide.

America has so many car enthusiasts with many custom body shops, stuff like this is not available anywhere else in the world.

Please contact us for more information.

American Classic Cars American Class Truck
Hummers from USA American Low Rider