Terms of Trade

Our online auction system allows you to choose the cars you are interested in immediately. You can directly enter how much you are wanting to pay(bid) for any particular vehicle. We will then sort out the whole purchasing and export details for you. Depending on your requirements either FOB, C&F or CIF terms are available, expected prices are shown on each car(when available) in Japanese yen as a guideline.

Membership fee

Although R-International auction service can used for 14 days free, dealer membership means you get much more:

Full access to over 140,000 cars online every week.
Full access to auction price history.
Enables you to place bids on cars - bidding is free!
Bid on bikes and parts.
Get free translations for car auction sheets that you are interested in.
Get free inspections of cars that you are interested in purchasing.

US$1000 Deposit

Customers wish to upgrade their login to Dealer member for Unlimited access. This allows customers to choose cars and able to place bids on cars they choose. This is refundable however, you will be charged for Bank processing fees and exchange rate losses should you request a refund.


We accept Japanese yen or US dollars.

We accept bank transfer. 100% payment must be received within 5 working days after purchase of goods through Bank Transfer only. You may be charged extra needed for extra domestic transport when transporting goods over a long distance within Japan, we will either ask your permission or subtract this amount from your budget. Any extra services/goods purchased in conjuction with the order will also be need to be paid for at this time. Please send us the copy of the T/T (Telegraphic Transfer immediately after you arrange the remittance.

Credit cards (PayPal) PayPal transfer is only considered for membership or deposit fee only, however some purchases of parts maybe elegible for PayPal payment so please contact us for more information.

Auction inspection (Cars)

Pre-auction report and translations are available to dealer members only. We provide the translation of inspection sheet after customers place a bid on a car. We provide pre-auction inspections of the vehicles in question to ensure that no major damages or problems. For some smaller remote auctions, we cannot provide pre-auction inspections. Pre-auction inspections and auction sheet translations are a general guide to the condition of the car and are sometimes carried out by 3rd parties. Although we try to be as accurate as possible in the assesment we can not be held liable for mistakes in this process. It is also your responsibility to understand and confirm the correct meaning of the English written and spoken information that we pass on to you.

Bidding (Cars)

Bids can only be accepted by dealer members only. We have the right to refuse to proceed with any bids if we think it is the best interest of the buyer or R-International not to proceed with any particular bid.

Pricing Formula

Transport cost (Cars+Bikes)

We provide transportation of the vehicles from the auctions location to the port. The transport cost is usually included in the Export fee. However, in some case there are some additional cost arise such as damaged vehicles, heavy machinery and remote auction houses. In such cases, you will be informed the extra transport fee cost before we purchase your car. Should we not be able to contact you the cost of this will be taken off of your budget.

Storage (Cars+Bikes)

30 days free of charge at the port. We have fully secured storage place at the port The storage can hold up to 350 cars. Additional storage fee after 30 days will be charged on customers account. Cost 500 yen per day (US$5)


The original documents will be posted to you via courier service where applicatble. The tracking number will be sent by email. Proforma invoice is provided straight after purchase of your which customers can view from the ''. As we prepare the shipping documents, all the actual invoice names, notify (if needed), air currier address need to be provided.


Cancellations before the auction has started and when we are in time to refrain from bidding on the particular lot no. are free. Cancellation fee of minimum US$1000 / 100,000 yen (or minimum 10% of car cost) will be charged on your account if you have not told us in time or you decide to cancel after we have already made your purchase. We are not responsible for import regulations in the country of import or any fees or taxes you may incur, involving any failures to follow the import laws and standards of your country.


This is an optional. Only available if the shipping fees are paid in Japan, this will only cover loss not damage.

Banking information

Bank transfer charges must be applied by the submitter. Please fax a copy of the bank transfer form including your name and quotation number to +81-798-75-6619.

Laws of Japan

Terms of trade and all dealings under them shall be governed in all the respects by the laws of Japan.

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